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Lucy iEGG 2 Remote control

Ditambahkan pada: 20 Maret 2017 / Kategori:
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Kode : stw012
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Deskripsi Lucy iEGG 2 Remote control

Remote EGG revolutionary innovation moment is approaching, a 360-degree rotational vibration strong enough to conquer everything about you.

Motor power more powerful, full-featured upgrade. Put the 360 °rotation EGG into the body to stimulate the vagina on every part, let you totally enjoy it, rotating directly touch your G-spot.  Bring you passion pleasure and unusual experience.

Soft medical silicone material, let you use more at ease and comfortable.

LUCY vibrator long-term use, can reach the genitals shrink effect. Vibrator configuration 600MAH battery,

Remote controller configure 200MAH battery. Let your sex more durable. Plus fully waterproof design features, ease of use in the bathtub.

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